Yorumlayan: Hermione Jean Potter
Tarih: 14/02/22 23:02
Blm: this is a sad story

Yorumlayan: Ayýn Sakini Always Fidelius
Tarih: 15/02/21 13:05
Blm: this is a sad story

Ok, it was a strong one. I liked it. 

Since the start, there was a huge interest point. I couldn't stop reading. I am not used to reading in English even. But also it is easy to read. Not a bad way. Not too basic, but simple in a balanced and kind way. 

In the end, there was no big surprise or intrigue. I liked it. The story made me feel a little bit sad, reminded me it just was about being human. And I think o love it because there was a family background, I guess I like to read and write these kinds of stories lately.  I find interesting that the relationship of parents and children and unknown things between them.

Congratulations and good luck silver ^^

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selam Fidelius!!

yorumun için çok teþekkür ederim, hem okuyup hem de ingilizce yorumlaman çok þeker <3

burada uzun zamandýr hikaye yazýyorum, ilk defa ingilizce bi hikayeme ingilizce yorum aldým, duygulandým :')

kendine iyi bak, beðenmene sevindim. 

tebrikler ve iyi þanslar sana da <3

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